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Homes are high risk for car theft

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Almost 150 motor vehicles are stolen every day in Queensland.  Disturbingly, RACQ research has shown that it’s happening in the one place you’d hope would be safe – the home driveway.

It’s a routine many of us take for granted – grabbing the keys on the way out of the door, hopping in the car and driving to work.  Imagine if one day, the car wasn’t in the driveway. That’s exactly the situation faced by more than 22% of Queenslanders who’ve had their car stolen this year.

The RACQ Insurance 2014 Car Security Index showed that, frighteningly, a majority of those driveway thefts occurred after the car keys were stolen from inside the property.
Home driveways remain a high-risk location for vehicle theft, with 22.3% of cars stolen from driveways over the past year primarily as a result of thieves targeting car keys in homes.

The high rate of theft from home driveways is continuing to be driven by overall improvements in car security, forcing thieves to directly target keys in homes either as an opportunistic “find” or as a deliberate theft target.
The proportion of motor vehicle thefts from residential locations has increased steadily in recent years. Other locations identified as being a risk for car theft include:
On the street of the residence or adjacent street (11.7 %)

  • On the street not at the residence (10.6%)
  • The home garage (9.6%)
  • Bus or rail commuter car parks (8.5%)
  • Hotel car parks (7.4%)
  • Public car parks (6.4%)
  • Work car parks (3.2%)

However, the number of thefts from Queensland shopping centre car parks has almost tripled over the past 12 months, jumping from 7% in 2013 to 19.1% this year.

The significant rise in thefts from car parks suggests that thieves may now be targeting older makes and models parked at these locations and that owners are simply not employing basic car security measures.

Overall, the most popular vehicles stolen were the Holden Commodore VT MY97-00, Holden Commodore VE MY06-13, Toyota Hilux MY05-11 and Hyundai Excel X3 MY94-00.

“Older makes without an immobiliser are being targeted at these locations”, Mr Sopinski said.  “This is concerning as these areas are generally well secured and difficult for thieves to operate in, with video surveillance, regular security patrols and high pedestrian traffic”.

The good news is that, overall, car theft is decreasing.  Australia recorded a total of 53,450 thefts during the 2013/2014 financial year, which represents a 7% decrease from the previous year (57,141).

Mr Sopinksi said this could be attributed to people being more careful with the security of their vehicles although, unfortunately, 30% of motorists surveyed admitted to not always locking their cars.

Vehicle break-in remains a significant problem in Queensland, with RACQ research showing almost one-quarter of Queensland motorists (23.2%) were the victim of a car break-in during the past five years.

As was the case with car theft, the home driveway was identified as the most common location for a break-in, followed by public car parks and the home garage.

“The research showed that many Queensland vehicle owners (12.3%) don’t consider their immediate local area to be a safe place to park their car”, Mr Sopinski said.

* Figures courtesy of the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council’s CARS 2013/2014 Annual Statistical Report.

RACQ has developed the following tips to avoid becoming a victim of car theft or break-in:

If your vehicle does not have a factory-fitted engine immobiliser, install an Australian Standards self-arming immobiliser.

  • Do not leave valuables in open sight in your car.
  • Always lock your vehicle and secure windows when away from your car even when it is parked at home or in the garage.
  • Do not hide a spare key in your car, even if you think it is well concealed.
  • Park in well-lit, secure areas at night.
  • Never leave your engine running while you are away from your car.
  • Use off-street parking where available.
  • Secure car keys when the vehicle is parked at home or work.

 Article courtesy of RACQ’s magazine, The Road Ahead



What are Transponder Keys?

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Did you know?  We receive most of our referrals from other locksmiths when it comes to supplying automotive keys.

Transponder keys – most of us have one and probably don’t even know it.

The biggest change to the automotive industry in recent times has been the introduction of the built-in immobiliser system on all cars manufactured since 1995 (late ’94 in some cases). This involves placing a microchip in the head of the key, which is a miniature transmitter and receiver.

 There is an engine management system in the engine compartment that can recognise the signals transmitted from the key. If the correct signals are not detected the engine will not start.

Can we copy all transponders?  

No, but OVER 62% of cars on the road today have fixed code transponder keys which we can copy.

  We can read the information in the key. From this we can identify the type of transponder. This allows us to clone the key which is an identical copy of the original. 

We can interrogate the chip in the ECU or immobilizer module. This gives us the ability to modify the data on the chip and to suit the new key transponder.

 With on-board programming we are able to introduce the new security code to the cars computer via the key.

Transponder keys come in various forms, it is impossible to detect with the eye, therefore a tester is required. 

In all, we are able to clone or supply keys to atleast 32 makes and most models of cars, 6 makes of trucks and 8 makes of motor bikes.

 The basic information we require when supplying a Transponder key is the Make / model / year and in some case the build date.

Call us today on 3245 6999 for a quote to supply a Transponder key for you. Prices start from $140.

Locksmiths – More than meets the eye!

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A common misconception or lack of public awareness for a better description, is just what a
locksmith does. Many might say a locksmith simply cuts keys or repairs locks on doors.
There is much more to locksmithing in these modern times; as we take a look at how a
locksmith can assist you with your security needs.

The locksmithing profession has a history as old as civilisation itself, with discernable periods
extending from classical antiquity through to the computer era. The security of ones
possessions dates way back to the ancient Pharaoh’s, with tombs containing locking devices
regarded as the fore-runners of modern locking systems.

Today a locksmith may be
required to perform services ranging from providing customers with a new transponder key for
their Volkswagen Golf, provide advice on best securing ones valuable jewellery or designing
and implementing a high-security restricted master key system for a high rise building.

The services and skillsets of locksmiths has also changed dramatically, with automotive
specialists, forensic locksmiths and those with expertise that lies in safe-work becoming more
and more prominent.

That being said, we can still make all of your locks open with the same key and yes, we DO
cut keys!” The good news is, at Dibble Locksmiths and Australian Security Brokers we can
provide the following services:

Re-key Locks
Key cutting
Restricted Master Key Systems
Electronic Security
Install locks
Security monitoring
24 emergency service
Alarm installation
Alarm monitoring
Safe Installations & Safe Sales
Safe Picking
Change safe combinations
Security Audits
Repair or replace broken locks
Home security advice
Lock sales
Forensic Locksmithing
Transponder cloning
Automotive lock-outs
Domestic lock-outs
Install door closers
Keys cut to code
Commerical Door Hardware
Window locking devices
Hardware sales
Supply & repair of remotes
Supply and program automotive transponder keys

It’s also important to note that locksmiths are qualified to provide you with security advice and
solutions to help solve your issues. For example, if you’re wanting to purchase a safe to
protect your gold bullion or irreplaceable jewellery, wouldn’t you want to talk to someone who
actually knows what type of safe is suitable rather than a teenager working in a hardware
store with no practical experience or specific product knowledge?

he same can be said when engaging a professional locksmith as opposed to a ‘handyman’
in any residential or commercial situation. They may install a lock on a front door (your first
line of defense) that isn’t strong enough, on a door that is actually built for internal use or on a
doorframe that wouldn’t withstand direct impact from an intruder. A great line used by many
locksmiths is ‘there is a reason why cheap locks are so cheap!’

Additionally, would a handyman, real estate agent or property manager know whether a
deadbolt can be placed on the entry doors of a unit in a high-rise apartment block or
alternatively which lever or knob sets comply with the Australian Building Code?
A Locksmith will be able to tell you that deadbolts cannot be fitted on unit entry doors in an
apartment block, they do not comply with Australian Standards (AS 1530.4 – 2005)
Locksmiths can also access patented security key-systems, where a purpose built security
system can be installed allowing for a whole range of scenarios including access permissions,
date/time access control, key expiry and more. Whether it be an old fashioned master-key
system or wireless electronic system, MLA members can access exclusive profiles ensuring a
securely maintained system.

Have I mentioned that we can make all your locks work on the same key? Just thought I’d
mention that point again.

If you ever find yourself locked out of your home, office, car or even boat, don’t panic and do
not risk costly damage to your property to simply get inside. Just pick up the phone and call
Dibble Locksmiths.

The same can be certainly said if you’ve lost your car keys. Obtaining a replacement key from
the manufacturer of your car can often be quite expensive – think about calling an automotive
locksmith first, who can also cut and program a new key on the spot or in the workshop.

The locksmithing profession is ever-changing, but one thing is for certain, the need for the
humble key will never diminish and locksmiths will continue to do a whole lot more than just
‘pick locks on doors’.


To Dibble Locksmiths, a company of Excellence, Quality, Integrity and Value

Dibble Locksmiths is an Australian company, established in 1982 and a true 24 hr residential and corporate locksmith. With over 30 years’ experience as one of Australia’s most professional locksmiths.

We deliver a range of products and services that are superior to any other company in Australia. We specialise in providing security solutions to the residential and corporate sector.

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To Dibble Locksmiths, a company of Excellence, Quality, Integrity and Value Dibble Locksmiths is an Australian company, established in 1982 and a true 24 hr residential and corporate locksmith. With over 30 years’ experience as one of Australia’s most professional locksmiths. We deliver a range of products and services that are superior to any other company in Australia. We specialise in providing security solutions to the residential and corporate sector.
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